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A conversation with my friend PG last night, got us both thinking about individual style. An elusive thing that comes only with time, experience and confidence, it takes a long time before someone stops trying to dress like someone and embraces just dressing for themselves. Even the best of us have our affectations, whether it be hats, bow ties, scuffed suede or too short trousers. But nobody need fear making mistakes – it’s all part of the process of developing our own style.
So when we met this morning and were both in the same suit, but in very different ways, it made for a great opportunity to further explore this idea. PG has a style all his own – he has great fun presenting himself, and never fears trying something new. But he is also a man who knows himself, which means dressing like himself a simple task. I am a few years younger, many many kg’s heavier, and overall my suits fall differently. I love PG’s style – I feel I have played some hand in helping him develop it, but it’s not a style I can pull off.
I have met many others who also want to dress in his style, but never have I met another PG, which makes wearing his “skin” impossible – the bones beneath don’t fit. Just as to dress in a technically perfect style can only get you so far.

So step back. Take a look at you. You can dress well, regardless of who you are. So long as you be you.

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Kutcher replacing Sheen won’t work.

The show Two and a Half Men’s mojo won’t work because it’s too hard to transition from a guy that wants to hit on your daughter to a guy that wants to hit on your mom.